Focus In On the Camera Heritage Museum In Staunton, VA

2021-01-29 17:03:16

The Camera Heritage Museum in Staunton VAIf you're a shutterbug or fan of history and human ingenuity, you'll definitely want to stop by the Camera Heritage Museum in Staunton, VA. The Camera Heritage Museum is America's largest public camera museum, with over 6000 historic cameras and accessories from around the world on display.

Cameras have been with us since the early 1800's, even earlier if you count camera obscura. It should come as no surprise, then, that there has been more than a little evolution and experimentation over the years. No other place in the country demonstrates this as completely as the Camera Heritage Museum.

Seeing the strata of the camera family tree laid out before you is a rare and fascinating experience. You'll see how the first cameras were developed and learn about the photographers and inventors who made history by photographing it.

A Quick Snapshot of the Museum

Camera from the collection of Inside the Camera Heritage Museum in Staunton VAThe museum is home to any brand you can name and maybe many you can't! Leica, Konica, Kodak, Rolleiflex, Polaroid, and many others from around the world. The collection also includes some very unusual and rare cameras and accessories. Things like a Kodak Model 1, or the Chelsea Flash Pistol that looks more like a weapon than a flash.

Other highlights include a fascinating collection of ingenious spy cameras and a similarly odd array of colorful novelty and kids' cameras.

There's even a complete collection of every type of Brownie camera ever made. 400 models in all!

Inside the Camera Heritage Museum in Staunton VAThe museum collection also includes over 2,000 historic images. Historic and unique things like the John Wilkes Booth family photo album and an original photograph of Robert E. Lee.

You'll see daguerreotypes, ferrotypes, ambrotypes, and many other historic photo-types.

In fact, there's so much here it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, the most unique and important items are clearly and thoughtfully labeled, making the museum a pleasure to tour.

Camera Heritage Museum

The museum is located at 1 West Beverley Street in Staunton, VA 24401.

Current operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm, and Saturdays, 9am to 2pm. Double check the hours and learn more at the museum website. You can also visit the museum on Facebook.

And That's Not All

The Camera Heritage Museum isn't the only attraction of interest in Staunton, VA - not by any means! Staunton is located in Virginia's Sheandoah Valley and the oldest city west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Area attractions include the Frontier Culture Museum, The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, and the world's only replica of the Blackfriars Playhouse, the American Shakespeare Center.

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