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2020-05-21 18:54:48

American Celebration On Parade ShowroomAmerican Celebration On Parade is home to more than 20 full-size parade floats from big national events. Presidential Inaugurations, Thanksgiving Parades, Miss America Pageants, and much more. And all in the same complex that is home to Shenandoah Caverns!

Everyone loves a parade, as they say. If that’s true of you, or maybe you’re a fan of obscure history or unique museums, you’ll love touring the displays at American Celebration On Parade.

Did you ever wonder what happens to floats after a parade? If you assume most are saved for next year or just trashed, you’d be correct. What use are they once the streets have reopened and the crowds dispersed?

And yet floats are often part of our nation’s historic celebrations. Presidential Inaugural Parade floats come to mind. Luckily, someone is collecting these historic floats that would otherwise be lost to time. Someone like Virginia’s American Celebration float museum!

American Celebration On Parade DragonheadAmerican Celebration On Parade is the brainchild of Earl Hargrove Jr, whose Hargrove Company has made every Presidential Inaugural float (among other things) since 1949!

Visiting the Museum

American Celebration is home to many such exciting floats. You’ll see parade floats and props from the Rose Parade, Miss America Pageant Parades, and Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parades.

Normally you only get a quick glimpse at a parade float and then only from a distance or even just on tv. A lot of work and detail goes into these fanciful mobile decorations and you only get to see them for a few moments.

Not true at American Celebration On Parade!

American Celebration On Parade Inaugural FlagHere you not only have the chance to view the floats up close and stationary, you can even board some! Imagine standing on a float in the same spot an American President or other important official or celebrity stood. Wow!

It’s not all just floats, either but props and decorations, too. Things like giant ducks, a 30′ tall genie, a massive roller blade, and a 60’x40′ American flag used in every inaugural since 1989. There are astronauts dangling from the ceiling, strings of twinkling lights, stuffed bison, and much more.

You never know what you’ll see – but you know you won’t see it anywhere else!

Not Just Parade Floats

Perhaps best of all, American Celebration On Parade is part of Shenandoah Caverns!

While you’re here you can also tour the caverns, enjoy the vintage department store window displays at Main Street of Yesteryear, and the antique farm equipment in The Yellow Barn.

Why, it’d be pretty easy to spend your whole day right here.

American Celebration on Parade

397 Caverns Rd, Quicksburg, VA 22847

Visit the American Celebration On Parade website for up to date info. You can also find it on Facebook.

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