The Black Horse Inn's Recommendations for Warrenton Breweries to Visit

2018-05-01 14:44:22

Warrenton Breweries to Visit in 2018

When you visit the Black Horse Inn, you definitely want to check out the Warrenton breweries! There are many to choose from and you can easily spend an afternoon enjoying their amenities. We've rounded up three (although there are many other fine brewing establishments) that we thought you might enjoy.

First up is Tin Cannon Brewing Company located in nearby Gainesville. This nano brewery manufactures craft brews on the premises and sells them in their taproom. They typically have 12-14 beers on tap.

Tin Cannon Brewing CompanyWith regular and seasonal events year-round, it's a nice backdrop for enjoying your favorite beer. So what kind of beer do they have? Here are just a few:

American Blonde Ale--Touted as an easy drinking beer that is low in esters, it's balanced with just enough hop character to accentuate the malt.

India Pale Ale--A pale ale malt with a clean and slightly fruity profile. Usually all malt, it's mashed at a lower temperature for high attenuation.

Dunkelweizen--This is a moderately dark, fruity, spicy, and malty wheat-based ale. Very refreshing! Munich and/or Vienna-type barley malts give this beer a rich, deep maltiness.

Porter--Chocolate and Black Patent malts are the foundation for this style beer. Tin Cannon's Porter has a nice but not overpowering bitterness. They have variations that include smoked and robust styles, as well as specialty ones.

Powers Farm Brewery

Want a brewery with a farm focus? Welcome to Powers Farm & Brewery. What sets this brewery apart from other Warrenton breweries is that each beer recipe is centered around a farm ingredient. They have cones from their hop yard, fruits, herbs, and even vegetables!

You'll find beers like Lemongrass Pils, Elderflower Kolsch, Old World IPA, and much more.

With recipes developed weekly depending on what's available in the field, Powers constantly rotates their beer sets, which are always brewed in small batches. Everything is seasonal, just like the produce and flowers they produce. A fun experience!

Wort Hog Brewing Company

With craft beer names like Knuckle Sammich, Cap'n Brunch, and Keg Lifter, you can the sense that Wort Hog Brewing Company has a lot of fun with beer! And they do. But they are also serious about crafting brews that delight and surprise their patrons.

With a facility that can hold up to 300 patrons, there are plenty of places to relax and enjoy signature favorites. From the taproom bar, rooftop bar, mezzanine, outdoor patio, and even rooftop seating, enjoy all your favorites and find a few new ones.

These are just a few of the quality Warrenton breweries in the area. We're happy to share more! Come stay at the Black Horse Inn and find out all that Warrenton has to offer.



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