Southern Weddings: Southern Food on the Menu

2018-03-06 13:52:12

Are you a Southern gal getting ready to tie the knot? Then you already know how important food is to your menu!

Here at The Black Horse Inn, we’ve seen Southern weddings sparkle with classic comfort foods on the menu—and the guests loved them.

These brides took inspiration from their Southern roots and served up classic dishes while putting their own spin on the menu.

How to Mix Up Southern Food for Your Wedding

Let’s face it. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like fried chicken. That’s why having it at your wedding is a pretty good idea!

Regardless of age or social standing, people, in general, love this Southern comfort food. So how can you make this tasty dish a wedding must-have?

Southern Weddings Fried ChickenCreate mini sandwiches! This twist on fried chicken makes it a truly wedding worth dish.

And for dessert, keep the Southern love going with mini banana pudding treats. It’s a great change from cookies and cupcakes.

Serve the banana pudding in classy cups and get the dance floor ready. This sweet dish will give your guests an extra boost of dance floor energy!

Then there’s the DIY Biscuit Bar. Let your guests decide which toppings and fillings they want on their home-cooked biscuit.

Just set up a special bar with all the tempting ingredients. Not only is it a fun food option for your reception, it’s a great conversation starter for guests.

Fill your wedding venue with the perfect blend of romance, history, and classy Southern comfort foods!

Tie the knot in true style, surrounded by Virginia’s breathtaking views!

Here at the Black Horse Inn, we help Southern brides just like you create a timeless wedding that’s both elegant and inviting. To learn more about what Black Horse Inn has to offer, get in touch with us today. 

We'd love to help you make wedding memories that last a lifetime!



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