Winter Getaway: 5 Fun Activities in Charlottesville

2018-01-31 15:26:31

5 Winter Getaway Ideas in C'ville

foot with winter cup in orange bedYes, it's cold outside! Part of you wants to cover up your head and wait until the daffodils pop out. The other part? It wants to scratch an itch called travel. Actually, you can do both! Accommodate your inner recluse and your travel junkie with a winter getaway in Charlottesville. Here at the Inn at Monticello, we've got 5 ideas for snuggling in or getting your blood pumping, depending on your pleasure. Here's what we recommend. When you lodge with us, you can be assured that your stay will be in a beautifully appointed room and that your breakfast will be gourmet! And that brings us to our first recommendation. 1.Rent one of our rooms with a fireplace! If you're feeling the need for a change of scenery, but still want to hibernate like a bear, a room with a fireplace is perfect. Grab some hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and a good book. Mission accomplished. In the afternoon, we also serve a fine selection of local beverages. You can mix and mingle with other guests and still indulge your hibernating instincts. 2. Go ice skating. If you love the cold then embrace it at Charlottesville's own ice skating rink at Main Street Arena. It's invigorating. Here's the calendar with times for public skating. We'll be waiting back at the inn with a warm beverage for you! 3. Lunch and shopping at Michie Tavern. For some historic 18th-century dining, make a beeline for Michie Tavern. You can enjoy an excellent lunch, walk the facility, and explore their four retail shops. 4. Walk the Saunders-Monticello Trail. Located next to Michie Tavern, the trail is a two-mile hike which leads to Jefferson's Monticello. A beautiful path to walk or hike, there are also side trails to delight you! 5. Attend home basketball games. The John Paul Jones Arena is the place to be for all things basketball. Make the most of it! Of course, we didn't mention visiting Monticello; that's a must. (And we assumed it was at the top of your list anyway!) Jefferson's home is a marvel! No matter what you choose to do, the welcoming atmosphere of the inn will greet you upon your return. Get cozy with us. Book here!      


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