Virginia Wineries: Richmond and Tappahannock

2018-01-31 15:26:31

Virginia Wineries in Richmond and Tappahannock

When you're visiting the Richmond and Tappahannock areas, be sure to check out the Virginia wineries. Each area boasts some excellent vineyards! One of StayVA's favorites is not actually a traditional wine, it's a mead. Black Heath MeaderyMade with honey, Black Heath Meadery in Richmond is the stop you want to make! Granted, most Americans are currently unfamiliar with mead, but that's definitely changing. As you can imagine, Black Heath Meadery is an ardent supporter of Virginia beekeepers, buying honey from around the State. Their commitment is to " re-create the world’s oldest fermented beverage by taking advantage of modern techniques and local ingredients." And they succeeded beautifully! With lots of stellar reviews, tourists and locals love the variety of mead that's produced there. Not too sweet and with a fermentation of fruit and honey, we think you'll see why mead is growing in popularity. On a side note, the American Mead Makers Association says that mead is one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverages in the US. (In 2003, there were 30 meaderies; now there are 300.) Another favorite of ours is Garden Grove Brewing. Here you get to enjoy both Virginia wine and beer. You'll find Chablis crafted from Virginia Chardonnay grapes, Clover Honey, and Virginia oyster shells, as well as more complex dark wines with bright fruit flavors. Garden Grove also has Virginia craft beer with "infinite possibilities of fermentation." Always looking to re-define the styles of beer and wine, you can expect a superior tasting experience.Garden Grove Brewing Beers are aged from one month to one year for a one-of-a-kind taste experience. Committed to sustainability, Garden Grove Brewing strives to have a neutral environmental impact. And, they also have mead! Check their Events Calendar and plan to spend an evening with them. Need a place to stay? We recommend Linden Row. It's a 70-room historic boutique hotel in the heart of downtown, and minutes from all major attractions.

Virginia Wineries in Tappahannock

About an hour from Richmond is Tappahannock. Here you'll find another area passionate about Virginia wine! Caret Cellars is one such vineyard. Family-owned, Caret Cellars produces quality estate wines. Considered by fans to be a "great little winery,' Caret Cellars gets kudos for friendliness, knowledge, and, of course, excellent tasting wine! [caption id="attachment_15662" align="alignleft" width="300"]Ingleside Vineyards Ingleside Vineyards[/caption] In Colonial Beach, you'll find Ingleside Vineyards. It's just a hop and a skip from George Washington's birthplace. And, it's one of Virginia's largest and oldest wineries, producing 18+ types of estate-grown grape wines. These handcrafted wines have won many awards and top State honors, national and international competitions. Loved by all who visit, plan to spend some time there! The Hague Winery in the Northern Neck is another favorite. Located on an historic plantation, the tasting room is a former barn, which overlooks the manor home, vineyards, and farmland. Patrons rave about the wine and the hospitality! Another must for wine lovers! Consider making reservations at The Essex Inn to complement your stay. A Greek revival style home, it has 12 original rooms, each with its own fireplace. Absolutely immaculate and beautifully decorated, you'll love the hospitality, comfort, and food!      



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