Natural Food and Fun: The Joy of Simple Living

2018-01-31 15:26:30
One of the joys of having a bed and breakfast here in Warrenton is turning guests onto a slower pace of living. After all, that's one of the big reasons they come to the Black Horse Inn. Shelly RossThey want to get away from the stress (and traffic!) of the northern Virginia area. So when guests ask us a good place to eat "natural food" for lunch, one of our go-to places is The Natural Marketplace Organic Deli. Shelly Ross has owned The Natural Marketplace for over 27 years. And the business's longevity is a direct result of her commitment to what is now a burgeoning industry. But it hasn't always been so. Shelly's desire to teach people simpler, more effective ways to eat and live is reflected in her credentials. (You can read more about that on her site.) Because she is an avid cook, it makes sense that her business would offer the finest natural health products and services, as well as an organic deli.  

Natural Food is Part of Her Natural Health Store

As an avid cook, Shelly's passion for food that is both tasty and good for you is more than an integral part of her life, it's a part of her store! The deli caters to their patrons' dietary needs and expectation without compromising quality. Shelly also offers food preparation guidance that supports your health. So while you're there, find out more about how you can support your health with the right foods! If you just want to eat great food that is bursting with flavor and nutrition, this is the place to go. With dishes like turkey Reuben sandwiches, honey roasted turkey and brie, curried egg salad, pesto chicken and more, you won't leave hungry. We promise!

Enjoy Natural Organic Food

How committed is Shelly to excellent food? Well, 95% of everything they cook is organic, whole, fresh, and yes, nutrient-packed.Sandwich Natural Marketplace Organic Deli
  • No hormones
  • No chemicals
  • No antibiotics
  • No preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors
What's more, they stay away from white sugar, hydrogenated oils, and bleached flour. You can "grab and go" but we recommend you sit and enjoy by choosing made to order food items. You may even want to pair your meal with some of their excellent juices are smoothies. We think The Natural Marketplace is just one of the "slow down and enjoy" stops you'll make when you visit Warrenton, VA. Book your stay with the Black Horse Inn now.      


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