The B & B Solution for Empty Nest Syndrome

2018-01-31 15:26:30

The First Year Student at UVA Solution for Empty Nesters

University of VirginiaEvery year, the Inn at Monticello welcomes many parents of first-year UVA students. These parents help their kids prepare for the first full year away from mom and dad. There's lots of planning, buying furniture and appliances, packing the vehicle, and helping their son and daughter move in on campus. It's a frenzy of activity! As mom and dad stand on the steps of their kid's dormitory, hugs all around and tears are shed. Once their young adult bounds up the steps, closing the door behind him or her, parents stand for just a moment. A moment is all it takes.  Then it hits them. "We've got the house to ourselves!" No empty nest syndrome here!

How First Year UVA Parents Thrive at the Inn at Monticello

The parents that find their way to our door are extremely happy to do so! After all that packing, moving, and checking out roommates, weary parents are pleased to find our elegant and comfortable inn also anticipates their every need. It's a huge relief from the constant activity of getting a child off to college! Even the parents that are feeling blue love the comfy atmosphere of our Inn. It doesn't take long for them to realize that their kids aren't the only ones that can spread their wings. As a UVA family ourselves, we've been through the stress of getting kids settled in on campus. We know what it's like. When UVA parents stay with us, they know they also get a wealth of information from us. We share with parents all the best places to go to eat, events to see, and of course, the historic sites in our area. With parents coming back for many of the college activities during the school year, the Inn at Monticello becomes a second home base over the next four years. And you know what? These parents don't really experience empty nest syndrome at all! (Or they lose it pretty quick!) Instead, it's a new phase in their lives, one they look forward to. Staying at the Inn is a welcomed experience. After all the giving with their kids, first-year parents soak up a more relaxed lifestyle, and they're glad to make us a part of it! Want to book some UVA first year relief with us? Click here.    


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