Fauquier County Jail: Historical Museum

2018-01-31 15:26:30

Fauquier County Jail and Its History

No one wants to go to jail, that's for sure. But when you're staying at the Black Horse Inn, that's exactly what we recommend! The old Fauquier County Jail will give you a real glimpse into what it was like behind bars in the 1800's. (It looks a lot different than the way it was portrayed in those TV Western shows.) Originally, the old jail had four cells, which housed 40 prisoners EACH. Can you imagine what summer was like as a prisoner? Then, in 1823, a new stone jail was built, which included an exercise yard that was also used as a hanging yard. Hangings continued as a form of punishment until 1896.┬áThe new jail was built behind the old one with the original section converted into a house for the jailor.    

Perfectly Preserved Faquier County Jail History

The Fauquier jail continued operation until 1966, when it was then closed. Today, it is home to the Fauquier Historical Society, as well as the county historical museum. The jail is one of the most perfectly preserved old jails in the state. But it's not the only piece of history you'll see.Old County Jail, Warrenton, VA The Old Courthouse, which was built in 1890, is located next to the jail. Interestingly enough, the courthouse architecture was copied from the Athens, Greece Parthenon. Among the exhibits you'll see will be original jail structures as well as artifacts that represent the history of Fauquier's:
  • Revolutionary era
  • Native Americans
  • the Civil War
  • Colonel John S. Mosby
  • Black Horse Calvary (for which the Black Horse Inn was named)
You'll also find a colonial kitchen and Warrenton businesses. Both jail buildings have their own historical displays. And, you'll find history on Fauquier County, too.    

History Galore in Warrenton

This is just one of the many activities waiting for you when you visit Warrenton. You might also enjoy: And more! Book your stay with us now for a fun getaway.


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