Recycled Soap: Clean the World Foundation

2018-01-31 15:26:30

Recycled Soaps: How To Donate

StayVA bed and breakfast members have enjoyed, in years past, bringing their partially used soaps to the yearly conference. The soaps were then donated to local organizations to be reconstituted and used for the homeless. However, recycled soaps are not as easy to donate as they once were. With increased state and federal regulations, it has become much harder to give back. We're glad to say that StayVa has found an alternative, and worthy way, to recycle soaps and give back to the community.  

Recycled Soaps Make Their Way To India

Clean the World FoundationThis time, the community is the world community. Clean the World Foundation has distributed over 40,000,000 bars of recycled soap to more than 115 countries. In fact, the organization is the world's largest soap recycler! Because of its contributions, since 2009, the world has seen a 30% reduction in pre-adolescent deaths due to hygiene-related illnesses. Clean the World does it through initiatives like Soap in Schools program. This program began in January 2016. Here at home, it operates domestically in Orlando, Florida. Internationally, in Kenya and Tanzania. Later this year, Soap in Schools launches in India and Haiti. Here at home, handwashing education will be taught to hundreds of students in the greater Las Vegas area each month.

How Recycled Soap Is Changing The World

Clean the World Foundation is making a health impact worldwide. By simply teaching children and families to wash their hands, and to incorporate hygiene practices within their families, lives are now being saved. As an affluent nation, we take cleanliness for grant. But these Clean the World facts tell a different story for millions across the globe:
  • For children under 5 years of age, diarrheal disease and pneumonia are the two leading causes of death.
  • With access to hygiene education and a bar of soap, millions of young lives could be saved, says the World Health Organization
  • Every day in the US, more than 2,000,000 bars of used hotel soap bars are thrown in the trash.
  • Clean the World saves lives with recycled soap and many other discarded hygiene products. All of these items usually end up polluting landfills.
Now, more than ever, the partially used soaps from hotels, b and b's, inn's and boutique hotels are needed to save the lives of children. Hard to believe that a simple bar of soap and basic hygiene education could be the promise of living past 5 years of age. Get involved! Learn the details here. Carolyn P. McGee, President StayVA


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