Visit The Gray Ghost Museum in Warrenton, VA

2018-01-31 15:26:30

Why You Should Visit The Gray Ghost Museum

He was considered one of the most valuable men in the confederacy. John S. Mosby was so valuable to the south, in fact, he was dubbed him the Gray Ghost. Mosby, it seems, had the ability to appear and disappear behind Union army lines. Visit the Gray Ghost museum while staying at Waypoint HouseNow Warrenton has the John S. Mosby Historic Museum, affectionately known as The Gray Ghost Museum, to honor the life of Mosby. We know there are many attractions to visit in Warrenton and the surrounding area, but the Mosby Museum should really be at the top of your list. The museum has a larger focus than just the Civil War. It offers a rare glimpse into life during that era with a focus on Mosby's family and personal life.

The Gray Ghost Tour

The docent there, William Connery, offers a number of little know facts that add to the overall quality of the tour. The property has been completely restored with a collection of Mosby's personal artifacts. You'll also find much about his exploits as the leader of Mosby's Rangers. Mosby, who as a child, was sickly and subject to the fists of school bullies, lived a long life, until 1916. Always somewhat of a rebel, at the age of 19, Mosby shot a man in the neck who bullied him. He ended up spending time in jail as a result of his actions. But it was that twist of fate that set Mosby on the right path, who later become an attorney. By the end of the Civil War, Mosby was a wanted man but President Ulysses S. Grant pardoned him. His post-war career got off to a rocky start when Mosby had to move his law practice and his family out of the south because of his views on the war. However, like so much of Mosby's life, that was simply a spark to do greater things. He did end up practicing law in Washington, DC, and he also became a diplomat. Plan to spend about 90 minutes at ┬áthe John S. Mosby Historic┬áMuseum. And we hope you'll consider staying at the Waypoint House. It was built in 1884 and has history, charm and plenty of southern hospitality!  


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