3 Reasons StayVA Gift Cards Make the Perfect Present

2018-01-31 15:26:30
If you’ve been searching for an anniversary gift for your parents, a unique birthday treat for your best friend, or something special for your significant other, then you can stop your browsing now. StayVA gift cards are the solution! Our gift cards are the perfect treat for any occasion,especially the upcoming holiday season! Keep reading to find out 3 reason why our gift cards make the perfect present. x
  1. StayVA gift cards never expire! If your friend or family member happens to forget about their StayVA gift card—no worries because there's no expiration date. However, we highly doubt they will forget. Most likely, they will want to book their room the minute you give it to them.
  2. Gift cards can be used at any StayVA member property. Looking for lodging along the Eastern Shore? Want a mountainous getaway on the peaks of the Blue Ridge? Itching for the activity of Northern Virginia? We have lodging properties all over the Commonwealth. All you have to do is decide which property suits you best.
  3. You’re giving relaxation and memories. The implications of a gift card are so much more than just a simple present to satisfy a special occasion. When you give a StayVA gift card, you’re promising a Virginia getaway. What's more, you're giving a relaxing stay that will give you a break from the real world. You're giving them some time to pause and breathe, and a myriad of memories to look back on fondly in years to come.
Ready to gift someone with a Virginia getaway? Click here to purchase your gift card in any increment. Click here to take a peek at our member properties…after all, in the process of giving your friends and family a getaway, you might decide you want one too!    


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