The Ashby Inn & Restaurant: Fall Food with Chef Patrick

2018-01-31 15:26:30
Ashby Inn & Restaurant, Rocky Mount, VA

 Ashby Inn & Restaurant: Fall Foods To Enjoy

During the summer months, you most likely found yourself eating lighter a lot of the time. Staples like salads, smoothies, and the like kept you cool in the heat of the season. Now that fall has arrived, our tastes have changed. And that's not only in temperature but in flavor as well. We recently caught up with Patrick Robinson, Chef at The Ashby Inn & Restaurant and learned a bit about his seasonal inspiration for fall food. Keep reading for a few fall food fun facts from Chef Patrick: - Duck, quail, and figs are staples for the fall season. - Stew will be on the cold-weather menu at The Ashby Inn. “I’m going to try rabbit stew. I’ve worked with rabbit before, but I’ve never made a rabbit stew, so I’m excited to try that.” - The theme of the season is heartier, more rustic, country-style dishes. - One of Chef Patrick’s regular favorites for fall is chestnut soup: “It’s a favorite I make every year. I usually make it with foie gras, and it’s really smooth and rich.” - Another fall favorite is pasta, and Chef Patrick plans to experiment with ravioli or angel hair pasta, possibly with seafood. (Yum!) - Ever heard of the Blue Hubbard Squash? Chef Patrick grows these 20-lb squashes and uses them to make a delicious soup, complemented by pears and pistachio brittle. - Lastly, since October is VA Wine Month, meals at The Ashby Inn & Restaurant will be paired with wines on a tasting menu. Want to try out Chef Patrick’s cooking firsthand? Pay a visit to StayVA member The Ashby Inn & Restaurant in the beautiful, quiet village of Paris, VA.


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