StayVA Receives Virginia Tourism Corporation Grant for Tourism Marketing

2018-01-31 15:26:30

StayVA Receives Virginia Tourism Grant

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Virginia Tourism Corporation,[/caption] Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that StayVA  was awarded a grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation Marketing Leverage Program. In total, VTC awarded $927,000 for 43 tourism marketing projects across the state. The grant is designed to increase visitation and revenue for Virginia’s localities through tourism. And, it will ultimately impact at least 159 other statewide tourism entities. To support marketing projects, local organizations will match state grant funds by a minimum of 2:1. That means local partners will match VTC grant dollars with more than $2.3 million! In all, Virginia will have more than $3.2 million dollars to increase tourism.

The Virginia Tourism Grant Designed To Stimulate New Partnerships

So how does the Virginia Tourism Grant work? The VTC Marketing Leverage Program is designed to stimulate new tourism through partnerships.  A minimum of three entities, or businesses, cities, etc., must partner financially to apply. These can include:
  • Virginia towns,cities, counties
  • Convention and visitors bureaus
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Other local or regional destination marketing organizations
It can also include private businesses, museums, attractions, cultural events, and other not-for-profit entities. These partnerships, in turn, spur new jobs, economic development, and visitor spending. And it's all stimulated through new or enhanced tourism products, a win-win for all of here in Virginia. As Governor McAuliffe said, “These grants are proven to increase visitation by creating marketing partnerships and effective marketing programs.” So true. Research shows that every VTC dollar invested in grants resulted in $16 of direct visitor spending. Marketing campaigns that have received these Marketing Leverage Grants in the past increased visitation by 15%. That's new money that's spent on bed and breakfast inns, local and state attractions, dining, and much more.

Virginia Tourism Grants Support Businesses Across the State

Through the power of public-private partnerships, the VTC grant can stimulate more business for the hospitality industry. The grant supports businesses all across the state, which contributes to the overall economic health of Virginia communities. Todd Haymore, Secretary of Commerce and Trade noted, “These public-private partnerships are a wonderful example of the power of collaboration..." He goes on to say that they help to support and grow a robust economy. This, in turn, encourages strategic marketing of tourism products and business across the Commonwealth. No one can argue that tourism is an instant revenue generator for Virginia. In fact, in 2015, tourists to our state generated $23 billion in revenue. What's more, tourism supported nearly a whopping 222,600 jobs and provided $1.6 billion in state and local taxes. With a 5:1 return in tax revenue, investing dollars in tourism is a proven moneymaker for the state.
Why Tourist Love Virginia
Tourists seek out Virginia because of our rich cultural heritage. But that's not the only reason. Virginia is also leading the culinary way. Virginia chefs continue to demonstrate a commitment to serving dishes that reflect our state's diversity. Using locally sourced ingredients from farms and purveyors supports local businesses. But for the diner, it makes all the difference in how food tastes! Tourists also love Virginia's acclaimed wineries, cideries, craft breweries, distilleries, and farms. Then, of course, there are our beaches, state parks, music, and so much more. With 90 miles of ATV trails, 36 state parks, and 28 miles of warm, sunny beaches, Virginia is a vacation destination. And with a 46-year old brand, "Virginia is for lovers," discover for yourself the richness of what the state has to offer. Love truly is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.  Visit to learn more about vacation destinations in Virginia or call 1-800-VISITVA to receive a free, Virginia is for Lovers travel guide.


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