Hotels vs. B&Bs

2018-01-31 15:26:29
You’ve figured out your destination, picked your vacation, and made arrangements for your pets and plants while you’re away. Now comes the big question—where are you going to stay? As you research your lodging choices, it may come down to a choice between a hotel and a bed & breakfast, and if you’re wondering about the differences between the two, Inn Virginia is here to enlighten you:
  1. B&Bs offer a more personal, unique experience. Hotels are oftentimes part of a chain, and everything from the furnishings to the personnel are standard and routine. B&Bs, on the other hand, are usually independently owned, offering personalized service, interaction with the innkeepers, unique décor, and a general “home away from home, but better” experience. From modern to historic, B&B styles are vastly different but equally inviting.
  2. The emphasis placed on breakfast is significant at a B&B and limited at a hotel. Many hotels offer continental breakfasts that include light fare such as cereal, yogurt, muffins, and bagels. At a B&B, you’ll feast on gourmet cuisine, oftentimes made with local ingredients from area vendors. Multiple morning meal courses will include everything from fresh fruit to pancakes to bacon and sausage. And if you have specific dietary restrictions, innkeepers are happy to accommodate you.
  3. Hotels will charge you for certain amenities which are free at B&Bs. Not all hotels are guilty, but many require a fee for parking, internet access, phone calls, water bottles, and any items in the excessively-priced mini-bar. B&Bs, however, offer these same amenities (and more!) without charge.
Overall, the main difference between hotels and B&Bs lies in customized luxury. Hotels may be an efficient means of lodging, but inns tailor to your individual needs, ensuring that you have the most comfortable and fulfilling getaway possible. Click here to browse our member inns, and find the perfect B&B for your Virginia vacation.


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