Black History Month in Virginia

2018-01-31 15:26:29
As you’re probably already aware, this month is Black History Month, and Virginia has been presenting its history in a variety of displays, exhibitions, and festivities. Though February will be over soon, many of these displays last until the end of the month, so if you’re interested in delving into the African-American history of the Commonwealth, book yourself a room at a bed & breakfast, and take in an exhibit or two. Enjoy a unique Black History Tour from your very own Segway. This two hour, 8-mile tour with take you through the history of Richmond’s African-American population and “the rise of the ‘Birthplace of Black Capitalism in America’” (RiverCitySegs). (Richmond B&Bs: Scents of Cedar B&B, Maury Place at Monument, and Museum District B&B.) Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg are three of the most well-known historic sites in Virginia, and now they will take you back in time with a gallery exhibit for Black History Month:  From Africa to Virginia. “The parent culture of Africans brought to Virginia in 1619 is portrayed in a diorama that includes a full-scale dwelling and artifacts from the Ambundu culture of Angola” (HistoryisFun). From outdoor interpretive programs to guided gallery tours, you’ll find yourself wonderfully immersed in Commonwealth history. (Williamsburg B&Bs: Magnolia Manor, Marl Inn B&B, and Jasmine Plantation.) Lastly, we have Thomas Day. “Long before the Civil War--long before slaves were free---an African-American quietly emerged as a titan of the Southern furniture manufacturing industry. When trailblazers are honored during Black History month in February, this entrepreneur is often overlooked” ( Thomas Day was a businessman who became known for his unique furniture, and his crafts are now displayed at various locations such as our very own Inn Virginia member, Oak Grove Plantation B&B. Don’t miss the Thomas Day Tour, of which Oak Grove Plantation is a sponsor. [caption id="attachment_7833" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Thomas Day's designs at Oak Grove Plantation[/caption]


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