How Much Does it Cost?

2018-01-31 15:26:29
When selecting the perfect lodging establishment for your getaway, you’re sure to have a number of questions: Do I need to make reservations in advance? Do they allow pets? Are smoking rooms available? One common question asked is “How much does it cost to stay at a bed & breakfast?” The simple answer is that rates vary, depending on a number of different factors:
  1. The time of year. Almost all B&Bs have a busy season, whether it’s back-to-school week for colleges, fall foliage season, or summer vacation. During the busy season, rates will most likely increase.
  2. The day of the week. Oftentimes, weekends will cost you a bit more than a mid-week vacation.
  3.  The size of the room. If you’re booking a lavish suite or cottage, chances are it will be pricier than a smaller, simpler room.
  4. The type of B&B. Are you looking for extravagant lodging with an on-site spa and complimentary wine every evening? You’ll probably pay more than for a few nights in a small, woodland cottage.
  5. The location of the B&B. Bigger cities are usually more expensive, and you can expect many inns to reflect that.
  6. Packages and Specials. With B&B packages and specials, you’re likely to receive a few extra “goodies” in addition to lodging, and depending on the establishment and the occasion, rates may be discounted.
As a general estimate according to our website, “you can expect luxury accommodations for $250+ per night in a busy resort or larger metropolitan area. Likewise, you can expect something less extravagant for around $125 per night.”   [caption id="attachment_8070" align="aligncenter" width="485"] Maury Place at Monument, Crumps Mountain Cottage, and the Toddsbury Guest House at North River.[/caption]   By Tara Stoll


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