We’ve Got You Covered, Aspiring Innkeepers

2018-01-31 15:26:29
Thinking of innkeeping? Perhaps you’re drawn to the world of hospitality or the promise of meeting an ever-flowing stream of new people with new stories. Diving into the world of innkeeping can be a daunting task, and you may not even be sure how to where to start. That’s where the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia comes in. We are offering our annual Aspiring Innkeepers Class just outside of Richmond, Virginia on February 22 and 23, where you will have all your questions answered, your hesitations reassured, and your goals affirmed. Are you wondering how to find, acquire, and finance an inn? We can answer that. Worried about business planning, marketing, and operating your new inn? We can answer that too. So, what all does registration include? Let’s start with the meals—after all, half of a B&B is the food! Aspiring innkeepers will have the opportunity to join their peers for dinner on the evening of Saturday, February 22. On Sunday, February 23, there will be a networking reception dinner that will include current members of the BBAV. That Sunday dinner also happens to be the opening session for the BBAV’s Annual Conference, so you’ll have the privilege of hearing Rita McClenny, President and CEO of the Virginia Tourism Corporation, speak on various travel trends in the Commonwealth. Even after you’ve completed the classes, the BBAV will continue to reach out to you with email newsletters, assistance from our office, regional meetings, and access to the “Members Only” section of our website. You’re not in this alone! Click here to download an Aspiring Innkeeper application to be mailed, or click here to apply online. [caption id="attachment_7492" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo by the Holiday Inn Richmond Airport, Sandston, VA[/caption] By Tara Stoll


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