Recently Renovated Retreat on the Riverfront

2018-01-31 15:26:29
[caption id="attachment_1814" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Newly renovated, 4 rooms in Colonial Beach Newly renovated, 4 rooms in Colonial Beach[/caption] Forget the 3 Rs, this Recently Renovated Retreat on the Riverfront focuses on providing guests more than just Rest, Relax and Recharge.

River Terra Retreat is the newest member to join the Bed & breakfast Association of Virginia, and has passed the BBAV’s property inspection. Also referred to as the Cator House, River Terra Retreat is located in Colonial Beach, VA close to the Potomac River. It is now owned and operated by Kristine Guido who took over the house in the 1980s. The property has been in Ms. Guido’s family since it was originally purchased in the 1920s. When asked about why she started the bed & breakfast, Guido said she had started B&B “because I didn’t know anything about B&Bs.  I thought it would be easier than taking another run at a corporate gig, which I had done for 30 years.  Here’s what I learned – visiting a B&B is fun; operating a B&B is work –a lot of work. But I enjoy every minute of it!”

The Retreat has been recently renovated, and offers guests five different unique bedrooms to stay in, as well as Carlotta’s Cottage, which acts as a meeting space or overnight room. Of the five rooms, River Terra Retreat has one suite, the Riverview Suite, which features incredible views of the Potomac River. This suite is Guido’s personal favorite aspect of the House.

River Terra Retreat also features fenced grounds, where guests may enjoy events such as oyster roasts and picnics. Guido states that her favorite part of running a bed & breakfast is the interaction she has with her guests, and “creating a positive experience for that guest.”

Guido feels that a property inspection by the BBAV’s “is a one-stop, holistic view of how my B&B compares to a standard of excellence in the industry.  Inspection brings together the health, safety, practical side of the business with the amenities and specialties that guests value.”

When asked about the importance of becoming a member of the BBAV, Guido explained that membership with the BBAV “is a way of ‘continuing education’ to improve my business and a resource when I need advice or guidance.  It’s a win-win for me and my guests, who reap the benefits of what I learn in BBAV.”

    In the future, Guido hopes to “be recognized by the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Year in 2014.”

    BBAV President Heidi Lanford is pleased the River Terra Retreat has passed the BBAV property inspection, exclaiming “we are very happy to have River Terra Retreat as a BBAV member. It has passed our property inspection, and is a great example of the high standards we hold here at BBAV.”


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