Relax on Historic Jefferson Property

2018-01-31 15:26:28
Snowdonia2Built on property, which was originally owned by Thomas Jefferson’s father, is the historic Snowdon.  The adjacent Snowdonia on the James is a quiet retreat for guests to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the area (and maybe the deer and other animals on the grounds).  The property offers a handicapped accessible cozy cottage and an expansive River Bluff Suite with spectacular views perfect for all occasions.  The River Bluff Gazebo offers an intimate wedding setting for guests hoping to tie the knot in a beautiful and relaxing location. Near Monticello and Montpelier, as well as many Virginia Wineries, Snowdonia on the James is a great location for guests to explore the Charlottesville area and all that it has to offer. When asked about the importance of joining BBAV, innkeeper, Teresa Radford said, “The BBAV inspection for me is a ‘Gold Seal’ of approval.  Prospective guests will know that I strive to provide high quality standards in every area of our business and service.” President, Heidi Lanford is pleased to have another addition to BBAV, stating “collaboration with state and local B&B owners is highly valuable. Teresa can utilize our expertise and resources as a way not only to increase her marketing efforts but also to improve the service she provides to guests.” Snowdonia1


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