Eastern Shore Inns Have Recovered from Hurricane Sandy

2018-01-31 15:26:28
Virginia was one of the places affected by Hurricane Sandy’s October of 2012, and the Commonwealth’s Eastern Shore rested directly in the path of destruction. The hurricane hit numerous InnVirginia B&Bs, but they managed to recover, rebuild, and are still open for business with enthusiastic welcome. When Sandy and Hank Mayer, innkeepers at the Chesapeake Bay View B&B, first heard the predicted path of the hurricane, they set about putting away anything that could be swept up by the wind. During the worst of the storm, Sandy and Hank stayed at their rental cottage a few blocks away from their B&B. Sandy says, “I put on high boots and waded back to the house to check on everything next day. Lots of water and crazy wind but no damage…We were incredibly fortunate to miss the eye of the storm.” Another InnVirginia member affected by Hurricane Sandy was Channel Bass Inn. Innkeepers Barbara and David Wiedenheft were overseas in France during the worst part of the hurricane, and they returned home to a flooded cellar and water heaters knocked off their pedestals as well as well as one of their 60-foot redwood trees having moved “about 10 degrees towards the inn.” Barbara says, “Ultimately, we were very, very fortunate and are thankful.” Now, close to seven months after the storm, the Eastern Shore has rebuilt what was destroyed, and it is as beautiful and inviting as ever. Book a room at Chesapeake Bay View, and explore the numerous activities around Cape Charles. Stay at Channel Bass Inn, and indulge in the beauty and history of Chincoteague Island. Between swimming, sailing, wine tasting, and sightseeing, there is no shortage of exploration on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. For a full list of our Eastern Shore B&Bs, click here. Have questions or comments? Feel free to join in the discussion on our Facebook page! Eastern Shore Inns Have Recovered from Hurricane Sandy By Tara Stoll


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