"Spring" into Gardening

2018-01-31 15:26:28
After a long, dreary winter, Virginia is finally seeing the first signs of spring and looking forward to a rebirth of the natural world. One particular Bed & Breakfast that exemplify the cultivation of nature is Newport House: Newport House B&B is a historically-authentic Williamsburg inn owned and run by John and Cathy Millar. While the inn itself is magnificent, the nature that it fosters is spectacular as well—vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and the ever-attending honeybees.  The gardens are a renowned part of Newport House and they were even featured in the 2013 Annual Historic Garden Week of Virginia tour: “The Garden Club particularly liked the variety of instructive opportunities offered here by flower beds, an historic herb garden, plantings of both native and exotic trees and shrubs, the shade garden, the greenhouse, the beehive, the ‘square-foot’ vegetable garden, and the compost system” (Newport House). Watch springtime come alive among the flowers and honeybees of Newport House. Click here to discover more green B&Bs, and click here to see more inns with gardens for your enjoyment. Happy spring!    


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