Madison, Montpelier, and a 262nd Birthday

2018-01-31 15:26:28
March 16, 2013 will be the 262nd birthday of James Madison, our very own fourth President of the United States and Father of the Constitution, who just also happened to be a Virginia native. Madison made his home at Montpelier in Orange County, VA, and in honor of his birthday, there will be a celebration and ceremony at the estate:  “Visit with Mr. and Mrs. Madison in their home throughout the day, and attend a poignant wreath presentation ceremony in the Madison Family Cemetery at 1:30 p.m.” ( And now, in honor of James Madison, we present to you a few “fun facts” about this former president: -          Madison was only 5’4, and he never weighed more than 100 pounds. (James Madison) -          Madison was the first president to hold an Inaugural Ball. (James Madison) -          Madison was once arrested with Thomas Jefferson for violating the laws of Vermont and taking a carriage ride on a Sunday. (The Health of the President) -          Madison was 1 of 12 children. (Facts) -          James and his wife Dolley never had children of their own, but James helped raise Dolley’s son from her previous marriage. (Facts) -          Madison was the first president to wear trousers instead of knee breeches. (Facts) -          Madison’s inaugural jacket was made of wool from the sheep that resided at Montpelier. (Facts) If you’re searching for accommodations in Orange, VA, then look no further, as we have a number of InnVirginia B&Bs only a short drive away from Montpelier: Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast Inn on Poplar Hill Inn at Westwood Farm Mayhurst Inn The Inn at Willow Grove By Tara Stoll


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