Buy Local for the Holidays

2018-01-31 15:26:28
It probably comes as no surprise to you that the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia (BBAV) wholeheartedly support buying locally, since this includes BBAV products like our cookbooks and our gift cards. However, our support goes beyond our immediate merchandise. The benefits of buying locally are many, so we’ve decided to narrow it down to the few below:
  1. The re-circulation of money within the local economy. “Independent We Stand, a Virginia-based advocacy group for independent business owners… shows that for every $10 spent at an independent business, about $6 is returned to the local community... By contrast, only $4 is returned by national chains” (The Wall Street Journal).
  2. Job opportunities.  Local businesses provide much-needed jobs, and so long as these businesses are supported, particularly during the busy holiday season, then these job opportunities will remain.
  3. A greener way to shop. It’s fairly obvious that less driving means less auto emissions, and therefore a lesser negative impact on the environment. There are many areas in Virginia where small, locally-owned shops are close to each other, meaning walking or biking would be an even healthier option (for you and the environment)!
  4. Unique purchases. One of the best things about small, locally-owned business is the unique items that they offer for purchase. Whether it’s food, jewelry, books, or clothing, you’re sure to find a special gift that is much more unique that the mass-produced items of retail stores.
Click here if you’re interested in purchasing a BBAV cookbook. Click here if you’re interested in one of our gift cards. Happy Holidays!


By Tara Stoll


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