Staunton Ghost Tours

2018-01-31 15:26:28
 “Ghost hunting has grown in the past two decades from a little-known hobby to a much more popular pursuit. Ghost hunters say that, judging from the number of ghost-hunting organizations with Web sites, there are hundreds of groups with thousands of members in the United States.” –SF Gate Halloween will be here shortly, and perhaps you are looking for something different than the usual parties, cheesy costumes, and pseudo-creepy decorations. Perhaps, then, you should brave the cold fingers of the otherworld and participate in a ghost tour of Staunton, VA.  (Cue thunder sound effect.) During the month of October, there is a ghost tour of historic Staunton, Virginia every Friday and Saturday evening, beginning promptly at 7pm. Ghost Box tours are also available every Friday and Saturday evening, beginning at 9pm. (“A ghost box is a communication tool used by some investigators to speak to the other side. Typically, a ghost box is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continuously scans the band. When on, it is believed to create white noise and audio remnants from broadcast stations that entities are able to manipulate to create words and even entire sentences.”) On Halloween evening, there will only be one tour at 7pm. So, what happens on these so-called “ghost tours?”  I’m delighted you asked. If you’re expecting to be scared, or you’re anticipating a ghostly sighting, you will probably be disappointed. (Having said that, though, ghost box tours can be pretty creepy.) These tours “blend science, history, paranormal and legend together.”  They explain the stories behind all of the ghost sightings around Staunton, such as the ghost of Charlotte, who hurled tools at the construction workers that were remodeling her old house.  However, the tours are not limited to the paranormal. They also give explanations of the exquisite architecture around the Queen City. Some quick notes: -The tour is not recommended for small children. -It is a 90-minute to 2-hour tour, so be prepared to walk a lot. -There are very few public restrooms along the tour. -Need lodging? How about a BBAV member inn.   By Tara Stoll


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