Virginia Ghosts

2018-01-31 15:26:28
Along with a drop in the temperature, the changes in the leaves, and the revival of the pumpkin spice latte, October also heralds Halloween. If you're not planning to attend a costume party or hand out treats to the neighborhood kids, then perhaps you would enjoy exploring some of the supposedly haunted areas of Virginia: Bridgewater College- The ghost of Mr. Cole, after whom Cole Hall was named, is said to appear in the balcony of the theater during certain performances. Some claim to have felt chilly spots in the balcony, and it is said that sometimes the lights flicker oddly after a production has concluded. Besides the ghost of Mr. Cole, others have claimed to feel cold and to hear splashing near the river where a student was said to have drowned. One investigation of Cole Hall did attempt to disprove these claims, but perhaps Mr. Cole simply decided not to make an appearance that day. Pocahontas Parkway- This area was once home to Native Americans, and they are now said to haunt the area. Individuals have witnessed the sounds of chanting and drumming, and a few have even claimed to have seen the ghostly figures of the natives who once lived here. Matthew Whaley Elementary School, Williamsburg- This school is said to be haunted by two young boys. Some say that both are the spirits of slaves who died there, but the more commonly accepted theory is that one of the ghosts is nine-year old Matthew Whaley himself, while the other is a slave boy who had died around the same time. Round Tree Park, Annandale, VA- Witnesses around this area have claimed to be tormented by the ghost of a woman, holding a baby. It is said that she is almost always preceded by a heavy fog. If you do plan to explore some of these areas, make certain you are allowed on the property, and also make sure to have a companion with you. Most importantly, be safe! For more information about ghosts and hauntings in Virginia, check out the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation. By Tara Stoll


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