Stratford Hall

2018-01-31 15:26:27

Stratford HallStratford Hall sits high above the Potomac River, as it has for more than 250 years. The brick Georgian mansion is as impressive today as it was when Thomas Lee first had it built in the 1730s. Guests of Chesapeake Bay Virginia Bed and Breakfasts even today catch their breath when they approach the beautiful building, resplendently situated on a 1,900-acre plantation.

In the mid 1700s, Stratford Hall was "a towne in itself"; the proximity of the Potomac River ensured that what wasn't on site could easily be obtained. Crops were grown, ships built, liquor distilled, and clothes made. It's success was dependent on the labor of slaves and indentured servants. Many guests of Virginia Bed and Breakfasts travel to Stratford Hall because it was the birthplace of two signers of the Declaration of Independence: Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee. Indeed, the Lees were a remarkable family for generations, involved in Virginia's government, the rights of women, and the military. General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Army was born at Stratford to Light Horse Harry Lee and Ann Hill Carter. Stratford hall is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; visitors may tour the house and gardens, and explore a myriad of nature trails. Trails lead through woods, along ponds and atop remarkable scenic cliffs. It is wise to stimulate the appetite, for the Stratford hall Dining Room serves an excellent lunch Tuesday - Sunday. Stratford Hall is 30 minutes from Tappahannoc VA Bed and Breakfasts. It is a stunning place to visit, for both historical and architectural reasons.


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