The Amish of Southern Virginia

2018-01-31 15:26:27
[caption id="attachment_8247" align="alignright" width="291"]A young Amish lad. A young Amish lad.[/caption] The Amish Community of Southern Virginia has grown substantially over the past five years, but is still relatively small. The community that has developed north of South Boston, in the area around Nathalie, was founded in 2005 by an "Old Order Amish" group from Dover, Delaware. They were drawn to the fertile, open land of Southern Virginia. The Amish culture is fascinating. As American society becomes increasingly dependent on technology and, some would argue, increasingly distanced from the land, the Amish maintain their historically "simple" way of life. Their homes have no televisions, or even phones. They don't use the internet. The children don't play computer games. What, then, do they do? How do they live? It's intriguing. Guests of South Boston Virginia Bed and Breakfasts may notice horse drawn buggies clip clopping along the road, carrying simply clad men, women, boys, and girls. It is not unusual for children to stare and wave as cars pass - after all, with no television, radio, or internet, "English" culture is as strange to them as the Amish culture may be to you. While traveling through Halifax Country, absorbing the beauty of Amish and "English" farmland, keep an eye out for Amish businesses. As a rule, Amish people are polite and friendly, and when the occasion arises, they are happy to chat with outsiders. The best way to do this is in a shop. Ask your Southern Virginia Bed and Breakfast innkeepers if they know of local Amish businesses or farmer's markets. The Amish are superlative craftsmen, and their goods, from furniture to quilts to jams and baked treats, are appreciated by one and all.


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