Fine Dining in Virginia

2018-01-31 15:26:27
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="400" caption="Elegance on a plate."]Squash blossom with goat cheese, thyme, raw hazelnut, compressed peach and saba[/caption] If you were to ask five of your closest friends to define "fine dining", what would they say? Details may vary from person to person: one might say a crisp, white, linen table cloth is essential; another may insist the waitstaff wear clean, subtle, uniforms. But most would agree that fine dining involves outstanding food served in an attractive, pleasant setting. There is plenty of fine dining in Virginia. It isn't possible to write an exhaustive list of Virginia fine dining restaurants here, but read on for a few outstanding examples. TEN serves modern Japanese cuisine in downtown Charlottesville. To quote their website, "The Japanese word ten can mean "heaven", "above" or "celebration" and the dining experience at TEN … is all of these things." Diners are guaranteed to have a superlative experience here, whether sitting in the darkened "night" space or the brighter "day" side. People travel from all over the world to dine at The Trellis Restaurant in Williamsburg. The fresh ingredients come from small, nearby farms. Diners overlook Williamburg's historic Duke of Gloucester Street as they feast on such delicacies as Smoked Trout or Seared Pigeon. Skipping dessert is not an option here: indulge in Death by Chocolate at least once in your life. Alexander's is the place to dine in Roanoke. It's been going strong for more than 30 years, and consistently delivers impeccable service and outstanding food. Try the Thai caramelized pork belly for starters and the housemaid lemon verbena ice cream with red wine syrup and tuile for dessert. Virginia bed and breakfasts offer a penultimate lodging experience. Complete your travels with fine dining in Virginia. You're worth it.


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